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First of all, I’d like to thank you for exploring my site. Without your support and interest, S.G.R.Z Design wouldn’t be around.


In this section you’ll get to know a little more about myself, S.G.R.Z, what it stands for, and how it came about. 


Hello! My name is Samantha. I’m the owner and full-time operator of S.G.R.Z. I have four adventurous children who are my inspiration for chasing my dreams (and them). Silas is my oldest (8) followed by Greyson (6), Reign (3), and Zaria (1) ~ S.G.R.Z 


Woodworking, home decor/design, and crafts have always been a passion of mine. I started building furniture in 2014. Some of you may have seen my work when I operated Littlefoot & Me.


People often ask “What made you get into building furniture”? My first piece was a farmhouse table that I replicated from Pottery Barn. I loved the table but wanted a unique finish they didn’t offer. So, I decided to head over to my local lumber store in Cleveland, OH, and take matters into my own hands - literally. My first build was a success. Though, I’ve certainly come a long way since that build it is still one of my favorites and has aged better with time. 


Once I finished the table, I built another for a friend: various beds, entertainment centers, coffee tables, wine bars, etc. I decided in 2016 that I would start my own custom-built furniture business Littlefoot & Me, inspired by my son Silas. Fast forward a few years, a few more kids, a mini-break from building, and here we are. I wanted to keep the business name around my children so I landed on S.G.R.Z, which has my heart. 


I hope to have the opportunity to create a unique custom piece for you one day. I greatly appreciate any feedback should you like to share with me :)




Past Work

Below is a collection of items that I've previously built.

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